Sunset Bar – New Zealand

The Sunset Bar at the Sudima Hotel in Auckland is where design, drinks, music and breath-taking views come together impeccably.


Sunset is Auckland’s Brand New Rooftop Bar Boasting Spectacular Views and After-Dark Dance Parties. 

Located on the tenth floor of Auckland’s Sudima Hotel, the bar is a 132-seat chic space with a drink lineup of local and international brews — but it’s the views you’ll be really coming for and of course exquisite lighting.

Working closely with CTRL Space, Targetti assisted with the complete lighting design and supply of all the lighting elements. Including the custom wall sconces using the Nocturnal Stella on a Travertine Stone and Wooden Bases.

The IBL Dark Round 60 was the downlight of choice in a trim less finish, leaving a 50mm aperture ensuring the fittings hideaway in the pink ceiling. The Deep recessed LED paired with the LGL (Light Gathering Lens) Optics ensure glare-free illumination. These cutting-edge fixtures not only provide a glare-free illumination but also seamlessly integrate into the design, adding a touch of modern sophistication to the Sunset Bar.

IBL NEONFLEX was integrated behind the glass shelving. Creating a captivating visual display. This innovative use of lighting transforms ordinary shelving into a dynamic showcase for your favorite spirits and glassware.

CTRL Space had come up with several Custom Stella Fixtures on Travertine Stone, Wooden Bases and Chrome Disks that they wanted to integrate throughout the Bar.

At the Sunset Bar, we invite you to indulge in the perfect fusion of design, ambiance, and functionality. Whether you’re sipping a signature cocktail or simply enjoying the stunning aesthetics, our space promises an unforgettable experience. Join us at Sudima Hotel’s Sunset Bar and immerse yourself in a world where design and relaxation unite in perfect harmony.

Client: Sudima Hotel

Architecture:  CTRL Space

Lighting Designer: Targetti NZ

Contractors: Complete Construction





Stella Wall