Private Residence – New Zealand

Residential Project – Design and Supply

In the picturesque heart of Gibbston Valley, Targetti was entrusted with the lighting design and supply for this residential project. Working collaboratively with the architect and the end client, the objective was to create an ambiance that embodied a minimalistic aesthetic. The design incorporated an array of lighting elements to seamlessly blend with the interior finishes while highlighting the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Key Features:

Solid Brass Projectors by Nocturnal: To achieve a timeless and sophisticated look, The Firefly, solid brass projector by Nocturnal was selected. These fixtures not only provided functional lighting but also served as elegant design elements that integrated seamlessly with the overall interior aesthetics.

>60mm Downlights in Matte Black Finish by IBL Lighting: A discreet lighting solution was achieved by using the IBL Dark Round 60, a 60mm downlight in a matte black finish. These fixtures were strategically placed within the wooden ceiling, effectively concealing them while providing ample illumination throughout the living spaces. The Deep recessed LED paired with LGL (Light Gathering Lens) optics ensures a perfect beam distribution. 

LED Strip Integration: To add a touch of modernity and versatility, LED strips were incorporated into the blind details as well as the underside of the kitchen island, fireplace mantle, and cabinetry. This innovative approach not only enhanced the overall lighting scheme but also allowed for customizable lighting scenarios, adapting to different moods and occasions.

By meticulously implementing these lighting elements we have complemented the interior finishes and the stunning natural surroundings of Gibbston Valley. The result is a residential space that embodies the essence of minimalism while providing both functional and aesthetic illumination, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for the inhabitants.

Firefly Spot