EBB Hotel – Dunedin, New Zealand

Ebb Hotel celebrates the past with a view towards a modern future

Ebb Hotel was named after the site’s historic location on the edge of the now reclaimed Otago Harbour tidal flats. To root the hotel to a sense of place, this narrative is embodied in the building and identity, starting with the facade. Ebb founders, father and son Frank and Dylan, commissioned local Ōtepoti artist Simon Kaan to create a large-scale artwork to wrap the entire 3 story facade of the building. Simon’s meditative artwork depicts Polynesian wakas first arriving through the heads of the Otago Harbour, with the view of the land and sky from the sea.

Targetti were brought on board by Australian based lighting designers LLIGHT to assist with the specification and procurement of the complete lighting package. Receiving a clear set of guidelines, we were able to find the perfect products within our range that met both the specification requirements and also adhering to the developers budget.

The lighting design is special and specific with many criteria’s needing to be met to ensure the result the team was envisioned. Using predominantly IBL luminaires, we were able to achieve this using lens based optical control systems for better beam control and visual comfort. All supplied with a colour rendering index (CRI) of  >90, allowing all the stunning art seen throughout to pop! The customisation of the IBL range allowed us to adhere to all the lighting design requirements from a specific beam angle, minimum recess depth of LED to have better glare protection and lumen output.

It was a pleasure working along side Dylan and the extended team at Ebb Hotel. Ebb is a must stay, on your next visit to Dunedin.

Project Details

Client: Ebb Hotel

Architecture:  Gary Todd Architecture

Lighting Designer: LLIGHT

Electrical Contractor: RBS Electrical