Disney flagship store – Shanghai

Unique design and engineering

The Walt Disney flagship store, inaugurated in May 2015 in the Lujiazui district of Shanghai Pudong, is the largest Disney store in the world. 860 square metres dedicated to retail, as well as around 5000 square metres of outside space organised as a large square in front of the store.

Targetti lit both the façade of the store as well as the large square using fixtures from the outdoor collection according to the different areas and the specific needs of the lighting project.

To light the façade of the retail store KEPLERO GIMBAL fitted with narrow spot optics and non-slip glass were chosen, while for the canopy roof flood optic versions were used. The keplero gimbal ensures, with extremely low power, high performance and extremely clean beams.

To enhance the landscaped features of the large external square LED BELT IP68 led strips were used. Camouflaged under the hedge bases and handrails they outline the features of the square spectacularly placing particular attention on the large central hedge that is shaped like Mickey Mouse.

KEPLERO ZOOM RGBW light both the trees and the bell tower producing a dramatic visual effect.