Confucius Museum – Shandong Province, China

Museums and Exhibitions

The Confucius museum inaugurated in November 2018 in Qufu, the birthplace of the great philosopher in the Shandong province in China, is the ideal destination to get to know the master’s life and thoughts.

The museum complex, with its design inspired by the Ursa Major constellation, covers a total surface area of 57,000 square meters, most of which is intended to be used as an exhibition area. Every day the museum attracts about one thousand visitors who can learn about the life of Confucius and Confucianism, a doctrine that has profoundly influenced Chinese culture over the centuries, through the approximately 700,000 objects and cultural relics on display – pottery, jade and bronze artifacts, gold and silver objects, books, family archives and imperial clothing of the Ming dynasty.

Targetti contributed to the creation of this ambitious project, providing various types of lighting equipment.

As we enter the museum we find a large circular lobby with a high ceiling and curved balcony. Here, installed on the ceiling, the CCTLED Downlight range of wall washer luminaires light up the 9-metre-high wall “washing” it evenly, while the HP version of the CCTLED Architectural downlights, equipped with spotlights, illuminate the ground with accent lighting. Under the balcony, the CCTLED Mini fixtures with wall-washer lights recreate the same uniform effect on the wall while the Architectural CCTLED Mini lights, with a wider beam, provide the general lighting.

The hall ceiling has a circular architectural element, which is a type of “sky” lit up with custom linear fixtures created specifically for this project by Targetti.

The various requirements in the exhibit area are fulfilled through the use of LEDÒ projectors with Flood-type hybrid lights, and projectors in the ZENO range with wall-washer lights. LEDÒ provides the accent lighting needed to focus the attention on text, objects, and scenes illustrating the life and teachings of Confucius, while ZENO, installed over 8 metres high, creates uniform lighting on the vertical surfaces.

Led Y