Stage, outdoor LED projector characterized by a technical design, with its variety of sizes and powers is ideal for illuminate architectures even from long distances.
Stage is an ultra-thin and ultra-performing projector. Characterized by clean design and minimal thickness, Stage generates a luminous flux of extraordinary intensity and
visual quality. Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical version, Stage is ready to house the DALI system (available on request), necessary to manage the quantity of light. The asymmetric version is characterized by an innovative scoop optic that guarantees lower luminance resulting in a high visual
comfort. Stage rectangular is a family of three
dimensions of high performing power projectors, with slim design and characterized by a discreet and minimal aesthetic. Stage
Rectangular in its reduced dimensions, assures high luminous package and it is offered with four beams: asymmetric, Spot
19°, Flood 37° and Very Wide Flood 100°.

The Family Range