Quadro Recessed

Brand new high-class office profile luminaire with LEDs, constructed out of an extruded aluminium section with a fine structure powder coating in matte silver ’RAL9006’ for recessed mounting in false ceilings (thickness from 10 to 40 mm) with included mounting springs, designed for direct light emission. Direct light emission through a VDT louvre black matte. Dimmable DALI converter included. Luminaire equipped with the latest generation of LED boards with an efficiency of 58 lm per W, the innovative LED technology produces a luminous flux of 2310 lumens with 40 watts, initial colour temperature of 3000 K, effektively of 3044 K. On request also available with emergency lighting for 3h. Optical end to end connection of two or more luminaires possible by optional accessories, Unified Glare Rating (UGR) < 16, screen-compatible workplace luminaire according to DIN EN 12464-1 (luminance <= 1000 cd/m²), Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 80, Ingress Protection IP20, Protection Class I, Blue light hazard Risk Group RG0 IEC 62471, Rated lifetime of minimum 60.000 h [according to EU decree No. 1194/2012], Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) A. Dimensions LxWxH: 1136x64x048 mm, Cut-out LxWxMt: 1130x58x060 mm with detached transport protection, mounting depth of 60 to 90 mm. Exactly 60 mm only with ceiling thickness of 10 mm, incl. end caps, weight: 2,8 kg

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