PUK Recessed Step Light

PUK Recessed LED, is a versatile lighting solution designed to provide subtle yet effective illumination. With options for both IP20 and IP65 ratings, this recessed circular or square LED light is perfect for creating an inviting ambiance and can be used as a low-level night light or for various other applications.

Key Features:

Asymmetric Beam: The PUK Recessed LED boasts an asymmetric beam, making it ideal for wall-mounted installations. It efficiently directs light where you need it most, creating a pleasing visual effect.

Color Temperature Options: Choose from three different color temperatures to match your desired lighting atmosphere: 2700K for warm and cozy, 3000K for neutral, or 4000K for a cool, crisp lighting experience.

Direct 4W AC Flood: This LED light operates at just 4W of power, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising on illumination quality. The wide 105° beam angle provides ample coverage without the need for an external driver, simplifying installation.

Variety of Finishes: Customize the PUK Recessed LED to fit your aesthetic preferences. It’s available in a range of finishes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your décor.

Four Aesthetic Options: The PUK Recessed LED offers versatility in design with four different aesthetics. You can choose between two round and two square styles, each with unique openings to match your interior style and personal taste.