Pivot Projector

Pivot is a totally adjustable unconventional projector, conceived to direct its beam to any point of the three-dimensional space. The designer just can choose the desired angle from the infinite possibilities, to obtain a light tailored to his project. Thanks to its slender and slim shape, Pivot fits silently into the scene, without visually interfering with the elements that compose it. Lighting body and visor are conceived as separated elements to considerably reduce volumes. This black protruding frontal visor is specially designed to house the cowl for each LED, it ensures glare free beams and perfectly contoured light projections. The spotlight is offered in two versions, which are different in shape and type of power supply. The first one, with a thin base, requires remote power supply and is provided in 3 lengths: 4, 7 and 12 LEDs. The second one, with a 4 cm high cylindrical base for ground or wall fixing, operates at 230V it allows for an integrated ON-OFF power supply and a smart installation. This version is available in 2 lengths: 7 and 12 LEDs. Pivot is offered with a 32 ° beam as standard but different beam angles ( narrow 10°, large 60°, elliptical 60°x10°) can be obtained using the filter accessories. How to do that? Just separating the visor from the lighting body, it is possible to insert the special filter, this allows the optical dimmers to be changed, obtaining glare-free beams and light projections with perfect contours. A single standard color, anthracite gray, allows the projector to adapt easily to any context.

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