Jedi Compact

Adjustable linear LED projector.

Extruded anodised aluminium 15μ body. 1.8mm thick polycarbonate removable (to insert accessories) flat screen. Removable driver box. The body of the fixture is adjustable and can be installed away from the mounting surface using accessory brackets.

High Power Ra90 linear LED board.

The internal optical unit is composed of a primary cylindrical methacrylate lens, a high reflectance anodised aluminium reflector and an integrated holographic filter. Available in three versions: Flood, Grazing and Wall Washer.

To be completed with stainless steel fixed or adjustable brackets.

Power Supply
Integrated/removable driver version: available in L 570/850/1130mm versions. Complete with electronic or DALI power supply, pre-cabled with a 1 metre 3x0,75mm2 or 5x0,75 mm2 cable. The driver can be removed and placed in another position while remaining connected (cable 0,5m). Remote driver version: available in a L 289mm version. The optical unit is pre-cabled with 0.75 metres of 3x0,75mm2 cable. Electronic or DALI power supply, pre-cabled with 0.75 metres of 3x0,75mm2 cable to connect to the optical unit and a 3x0,75mm2 or 5X0,75 mm2 cable to connect to the electronic or DALI power supply. To be completed with a driver for the electronic or DALI versions. 500mA – 220-240Vac 50/60Hz

Anti-glare grill available for all versions. Casambi control system available as an accessory (only for DALI versions).

Product Variants