IVY, the first complete lighting system for outdoor environments born by the collaboration between Stefano Boeri Interiors and Targetti. 

IVY favors the use of environment and social function. A linear, minimal element that integrates discreetly into spaces concealing a highly technological system that combines lighting fixtures with a with speakers and wireless sensors.

By the collaboration between Stefano Boeri Interiors and Targetti, IVY is the first outdoor and indoor lighting system integrating lighting control, sound and environmental sensors thus promoting human well-being and sustainability.

IVY is a fully customizable technological system designed to adapt to the needs and behaviors of those living the outdoor spaces. It fosters outdoor activities extending the comfort of the interiors to the outdoor environments.

The simple and essential shapes create a harmonious connection between the architecture and the surrounding environment. Available in multiple configurations, IVY can be installed on residential terraces, dehors of commercial activities and public spaces. It is ideal for both existing and new buildings.

The system features components and accessories useful for the everyday life. It allows both direct and indirect interaction by the users – e.g. synchronization with smartphone for light control and management, playing music through dedicated speakers, monitoring real-time data from the sensors.

The great choice of elements available – lighting modules, sound diffusion accessories and environmental sensors – are safely housed in an aluminum profile that can be installed either on ceiling or wall, both surface and recessed. Linear lighting solutions, projectors and suspensions allow to design a dynamic, surprising and functional light landscape that end users can personalize according to their needs.

IVY: a technological track providing all the necessary tools for living, working, socializing and relaxing outdoors.

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