A new surface and suspension light for the office and hospitality environments. Available in one size (83.15″ long) in a suspended version with direct or direct/indirect optics.The union of two forms, has lead to the creation of a contemporary fixture that is both recognizable, yet discrete.

 Opal: The diffused effect of Iso Opal is the result of a mirrored reflector with an opal lens. The light emitted appears soft and widespread, particularly suitable for reception areas in offices, hotels and spaces. In the direct/indirect light version, a line of light is present on the upper part, complete with diffusing lens to provide even light on the ceiling.

 UGR: The UGR version is focused entirely on visual comfort. The color rendering index of CRI 90 and the perfect UGR lens. The sophisticated optical system, comprised of a mirrored reflector and prismatic lens, reduces the shadows and reflections that can cause disturbances on work surfaces. Ceiling-mounted and suspension versions.

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