Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Cove Lighting!

A sophisticated lighting solution that not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also minimizes installation hassles and costs. The Corner Cove Modular LED System is crafted from high-quality extruded aluminum and finished in a pristine white, this innovative lighting system is designed for wall or ceiling perimeter installations.

What sets the COVE CORNER apart is its unique approach to lighting. Unlike traditional systems, this revolutionary design places the light source at the back of the extrusion, effectively transforming your space with an enchanting cove lighting effect. Say goodbye to the complex and time-consuming installation process that often accompanies cove lighting. With COVE CORNER, you get a seamless, recessed lighting experience that’s easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

The Cove Corner works by simplifying the installation process. Fix the extruded aluminum profiles to the side surfaces, and you’re already on your way to a stunning cove lighting installation. This straightforward setup reduces the need for specialized labor and saves you valuable time whilst ensuring a perfect finish and luminous effect. 

Available in a range of different outputs and colour temperatures to suit all installations. Including IP rated LED for bathroom installations. 






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