CCTEvo Architectural

CCTEvo is the evolution of CCTLED, the iconic, historic range of Targetti fixtures from whom it takes the baton and puts its legacy to good use. An evolution in terms of extending the range and performance that makes CCTEvo a complete suite of professional lighting tools available for our partners.

A range of recessed fixtures for professional lighting. Real professional tools for projected light are characterised by application flexibility, high performance and quality optical systems. Available in four different sizes with different lumen packages, CCTEvo Architectural has a double version, trim (with a ring) or trimless for complete integration into the architecture.

CCTEvo Architectural is designed to light spaces where aesthetic is fundamental. This is why we have devised a new finishing ring of only 2mm thickness, coming in black or white finishing that can be combined with a black or white reflector. Custom colours available on request.

The CCTEvo Architectural has a comprehensive optical system. With the choice of a reflector paired with a holographic filter to obtain a softer beam with steep gradient or a Lens based optical system designed and manufactured inhouse specifically for the CCTEvo Architectural. Creating a more defined, uniform and precise beam. 

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