CATIRPEL – Modular Lighting System for Outdoors

Versatile and flexible. It wraps sinuously around every surface.

Designed in collaboration with the lighting design firm L’Observatoire International, Catirpel is a modular projector system for outdoor lighting designed for all projects that require greater installation flexibility and accurate beam aim control.

Designed to adapt perfectly in environments where the support surface is curved, non-planar or uneven, it is the ideal solution to light architecture and landscapes.


The single module is a single projector combined with a spherical joint that allows for maximum installation freedom and movement.
Catirpel is available in light modules with just one projector (1x) or multiple modules with three (3) or five (5x) projectors.


The spherical joint that connects the light units together makes it possible to curve multiple modules to obtain circular shapes to perfectly follow the features and peculiarities of the surface they are installed on such as trees, monuments, columns and architecture.

Lighting Effects


It is possible to choose from four different beam openings from Narrow Spot (7°) to MWFL (48°) and a Grazing optic which is ideal to highlight details and materials with grazing lighting.
The Catirpel is the peftect choice for landscape and architectural integration. Whether it be uplighting, downlighting, grazing or moonlighting. 
Catirpel embraces architecture following every type of surface with extreme flexibility. Catirpel provides the possibility to install projectors on all surfaces and to direct beams exactly where the project requires them for soft and diffused lighting, to highlight architectural details, indicate pedestrian paths or to create accents of light.