Brick Light

Brick Light camouflages itself with the brick texture not only by taking on the form and the dimensions of the brick, but also by adopting the same modes of handling, assembly and installation
thanks to its characteristics of resistance and manageability. The
restrained and basic archetype form allows a perfect integration
in walls. It is endlessly declinable and talks together with the
rythm of the surfaces and appropriate lighting needs designed for
integration with exposed brick surfaces such as:
• exterior and interior
• flush with walls , recessed or protruding
• on a flat masonry or curvilinear wall
• concave or convex
• at the centre or at an edge
• isolated or arranged
• at intervals or in a continous line
• free or according to a plan
Its compact geometry and its adaptability to enter into and
identifying itself with the masonry itself, along with the solid
glass, make it performant in terms of maintenance, perishability
over time and resistance against vandalism.

Product Data