Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd (RCL)

Is the only company in the world to specialise in the design and manufacturing of remote controlled spotlights. With over 10 years experience in the lighting industry, RCL have established ourselves as world leaders in remote controlled architectural lighting.


RCL’s technology allows spotlights to be individually aimed and adjusted using a simple handheld remote control. The innovative technology allows the user to position the light beam exactly where they want, ensuring the best possible lighting every time.

Simple and Quick

Using RCL’s remote couldn’t be easier: the user simply aims the controller at the chosen spotlight and activates it using the controller’s built-in laser. Once the light is selected, it can be aimed at the desired position and the intensity can be adjusted to the preferred level.

Intuative Design The controller has been designed with the user in mind: it allows non-technical staff to take control of their own lighting schemes. The intuitive design and the ability to record scenes means that set up time is reduced from hours to a matter of minutes.

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