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Welcome to a new year,

As we all expect a new year bring's new offerings, and SIMES have done just that with the Ghost Sadler, this product is created on site during the concrete casting of the wall. It is so clever! You MUST watch the video below.

We think you will love it!

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This products are manufactured on site during the concrete casting of the wall with hand crafted procedures; therefore, small imperfections caused by the low accurance of the casting, subsidence of the concrete surface, actual and future cracks, colour ripples and variations over time, will be deliberately present and they are a feature of the concrete, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure.

November 2015
Retail, Showroom Lighting feature
Targetti LEDÓ
The LEDÓ projector stands out for its natural attitude for innovation. The fixture is minimalist, compact and light, especially the LED versions, thanks to drivers that are built into the body of the fixture.
Targetti Ray and Ray Mini
Distinguished for its essential design, the RAY projector is clearly intended for retail projects. Clean profiles, absolute matt colors, totally tool free
October 2015
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Hotel Lighting feature
Specialising in Hotel Lighting
MLE focus on hotel lighting and trying to anticipate the demand of the hotel interior designers.
When it’s needed, MLE goes beyond its catalog and develops new products according to customer design. Unique pieces for public areas or small series for the rooms, suites and corridors.
MLE website
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